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Maximum Performance Running - Resources For Distance Runners

"Welcome to Maximum Performance Running's resource website for distance runners. To me coaching is all about stewardship, using the knowledge and experience I have gained over 40 years as a runner, and 10+ years as a coach, to help others pursue and achieve their running goals. But I want to help more than just the runners who want and can afford personal coaching. So I am publishing this resource website, free for all (runners and coaches alike) to read and enjoy, maybe learn something from it, or potentially have it prompt you to look at something from a slightly different viewpoint.  If any of those happen and help you or your runners in pursuit of running goals, mission accomplished." - Coach Mark Hadley

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Free Book
– Coach Hadley wrote a free book, that he published on his blog, that walks you through his training and racing philosophy, a link to each chapter is listed on this page.

Race Times – a list of equivalent race times over all popular race distance from 5k to marathon. Charts for each type of runner and mileage level so you can see what you can expect at various race distances. Your race times assign you a certain point level which you can use to determine your most effective training paces. 

Training Paces - shows you the most effective training paces (per mile and per kilometer) for your runs and workouts given your fitness level, based on your race times, as well as where you need to get to in you training to run your goal times. 

Workouts – a list of recommended workouts for distance runners including their purpose and notes and tips and how to best execute each.  Each workout has a good range of durations and paces allowing for customization, variety and progression options within each workout type. 

Custom Programs –  One of the best values in runnings. Coach Hadley will design a custom training program specifically for you, for your personal situation, your strengths and weaknesses and your work, life and race schedules. 

About/Coaching – Coach Hadley's Personal Coaching option and a background summary on Coach Hadley and his coaching highlights.

Race Paces – handy reference charts showing you the per mile and per kilometer paces for race times and distances from 5k to the marathon. 

Marathon Calendar – a listing by month and link to all marathons in the U.S. and Canada with over 500 finishers last year.  

FAQ – a listing of the most frequently asked questions that Coach Hadley hears from runners and his answers.  Good starting point to get many of your running questions answered.