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Maximum Performance Running

A Training and Racing Philosoophy
For Distance Runners 

Coach Mark Hadley shares his training and racing philosophy in this free e-book.  Coach Hadley takes you through the basic principles behind our training; show you the keys to making imrpovements in your fitness; how to structure your training cycle and the workouts to use along the way, the most effective race strategies and much more.

Chapter 1:  The 5 Tenets of Training

Chapter 2:  Stress & Recover

Chapter 3:  Stress Workouts

Chapter 4:  Recovery

Chapter 5:  Base Units; Micro & Macro-Cycle

Chapter 6:  The Hadley Liberty Training Cycle

Chapter 7:  The Regeneration Phase

Chapter 8:  The Base Phase

Chapter 9:  The Fundamental Phase

Chapter 10:  The Specific Phase

Chapter 11:  Racing

Chapter 12:  Attitude

Chapter 13:  Warm-Ups & Cool-Downs